I have two brances, one master and one dev.

I have two directories with results (./output and ./cache) from an 
analysis. As these are quite big files, I do not want to have them in my 
dev branch, but would like to have them in my master branch, as I have 
there my different stages og=f the analysis which should contain the source 
code as well as the binary results.

So far so good - I have .gitignore under git, so that in the dev btanch, 
.gitignore contains the two directories, i.e. they are excluded, while the 
.gitignore in the master branch does not contain these directories, sdo 
they are not ignored but submitted.

Now my problem and question: 

When I am in dev and do ```git checkout master``` is the content of the 
./cache and ./output folders silently overwritten or am I warned that it 
will be overwritten?

going the other direction, i.e. being on master and doing ```git checkout 
dev``` the files in ./cache and ./output are not restored to their original 
dev versions. 

I guess I could stash these before switching branches, but is there an 
easier (read: more automated so that I do not forget to do it) way of 
achieving this?

I assume that this might be a more common scenario?



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