Last question for tonight

>> Lets say you've got files set up to commit to one point in the tree, but 
>> you're actually in a different location. How do you move where you are / 
>> where a commit will go, without altering the files?
> keybounceMBP:Loot++ michael$ git stash
> Saved working directory and index state WIP on (no branch): 4194cda First 
> chunk
> ...
> Git is now telling me that there are no changes, yet I had a commit ready 
> that removes a hunk from the commit on branch "chest".

So git gui will let me amend my last commit, which can give me what I want -- 
the updated file in the repository for fetching out and using elsewhere.

But what I want is not to amend the commit (with one less hunk), but a commit 
showing a restore of this hunk

How is that done?

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> Entertaining minecraft videos

Entertaining minecraft videos

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