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Massoud Yeganeh <massoud.yega...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it possible to use git to manage microsoft documents?
> We have so many files and we need to manage the version, change,
> languages, etc management.

What do you mean by "managing languages"?

> Can we use git?

You can, but note that MSO documents are essentially binary, and it's
impossible to diff them using only built-in Git facilities.

You might not need diffing at all (say, you're fine with just recording
versions and put some information about them into commit messages, and
are not interested in "physical" changes done to documents between
revisions), and then you should be fine using Git as is.

If you still need diffing, I think you might be better off with
Subversion as there are tools available around it to help dealing with
MSO-produced documents:
* The diff viewer program shipped with TortoiseSVN -- the goto solution
  for working with Subversion on Windows -- has limited support for
  diffing MSO documents.
* There is [1] which integrates support for Subversion right info
  MSO editors and claims to support diffing as well.

I'd note that both products seem to rely on COM components made
available by an installed MSO suite, so you'll have it installed on
machines which would need that diffing functionality.

Otherwise Git (and any other VCS system) will just be used as a tool
to keep manage opaque changes to opaque blobs -- may be just what you
need but supposedly not.

1. https://code.google.com/p/msofficesvn/

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