We are using Pelican, a static site generator, to generate our web site. We 
write markdown formatted text files to a "content" folder and Pelican 
generates HTML files to an "output" folder. 

Our goal is that the site could be edited by some collaborators sharing its 
work through a repository on our local linux server. Every time a commit is 
pushed to the local server, we wish the output folder (or the complete 
working dir) is pushed  to another server, a production web hosting server:

- Laptop A: complete working copy.
- Laptop B: complete working copy.
- Local Server: complete working copy for backup and centralized repository.
- Web Hosting Server: only the output folder content (or complete working 
copy, if we can´t send only the output folder).

My question is how to setup the post-receive hook on local server to push 
the output folder to the web hosting server.

I have been following some posts on the web. They all set local server as a 
bare repository, but I need it to host the complete project: source and 
output files. It seems to me that a bare repository can´t act as central 
repository for collaborators. Is it right?

Anyway, every advice is welcome.

Thank you,

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