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(Cc'd Nick, who recently asked a question about GIT_DIR.)

> But that's not required for having your files checked out.  90% of
> random HOWTOs you're able to google using "git+web+deployment" explain
> exactly this scenario: there's only a bare repository on the target
> server, and the files from the tip commit among those just pushed
> get checked out to some arbitrary directory.  Most of the time this is
> done via environment variables, namely, GIT_DIR, GIT_WORK_TREE and
> GIT_INDEX_FILE environment variables.

To be more clear, these environment variables are documented in the
git(1) manual page -- that is, the manual of the "root" git command.
You can get it by running `git help git`.

A good informal introduction to this stuff is [1].

1. https://git-scm.com/blog/2010/04/11/environment.html

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