On Tue, 2 Jun 2015 18:09:25 -0700 (PDT)
Márcio Moreira <mar...@verdesaine.net> wrote:

> I am sorry I forgot to say previously that Pelican runs on the 
> collaborators laptops. The versioned folder already includes source, 
> output, and other sub-folders and files. The workflow: our
> collaborator will edit the source files; run pelican to generate the
> output files; verify the output files using a browser; and, after
> confirm everything is OK, he/she will commit the changes and push
> them to our local server (origin). 
> We need to version control and store on the local server the files
> already available on the laptops.
> What we are looking for is a way to copy one of the versioned
> sub-folders (named output) from local server (origin) to another
> server (webhosting), making use of post-update, when origin is
> updated.

OK, that actually makes things simpler, not harder (though I admit I
don't understand why you have decided to keep the results produced by
Pelican in the same repo).

The hook would basically populate the work tree as before but instead
of running Pelican on the populated work tree, you'd just need to sync
the contents of a single directory in that work tree to the remote
server.  The ways to transfer it remain the same.

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