I have recently started using Git 1.9.5 windows client.

  It is continually freezing up and even trying to force the process to end 
(from task manager) doesn't work. The ONLY I have found to  restart Git is a 
reboot. This is extremely frustrating and makes this application totally 
unusable. When it works, its great but when it freezes it leaves no escape 

  So, is this issue rare or are others having the same experience?

It's not common. 

What is your system configuration? OS, version, how installed, etc. 
Are you killing the processes, or just the application? (you can get multiple 
git processes in the background..)

Have you tried the new Git-for-Windows? 
[This one: https://git-for-windows.github.io/, 
It's at rc4, so almost, but not quite, perfect ;-) 


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