Can we ensure we have a separation of concerns here.

As I understand it you are running jspm in the Msys2 environment in the mintty 
[terminal/window], and _it_ (jspm) is freezing at some point. That would not be 
a 'Git' problem, but would need separate debugging to nail the issue down to 
whichever part of the environment was at fault and report it to their upstream.

If however you can separate out a specific sequence of _git_ commands that 
cause the same freezing, then that would be an appropriate issue. That is, an 
MVCE - Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example of failing git commands.

I appreciate it's tricky to separate the concerns because G4W needs to bring 
across all the runtime environment baggage, but the aim of the G4W project is 
to simply reuse some other working environment, with minimal modifications, and 
even then try and flow them back up stream, as they shouldn't be our problem.

If you could split apart whatever the jspm code is doing, and report an MVCE of 
git commands that would be great (and if it's some other upstream issue, still 
report is juts in case others can help).

Sorry I've not been able to help directly.

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  Subject: Re: [git-users] Git bash client continually crashing

  I have been using the git client and up to this point its been fine. That is 
until I ran this command : jspm registry config github
  This causes the Git Client to just hang.

  On Sunday, 12 July 2015 16:16:43 UTC+2, Philip Oakley wrote:

      I have recently started using Git 1.9.5 windows client.

      It is continually freezing up and even trying to force the process to end 
(from task manager) doesn't work. The ONLY I have found to  restart Git is a 
reboot. This is extremely frustrating and makes this application totally 
unusable. When it works, its great but when it freezes it leaves no escape 

      So, is this issue rare or are others having the same experience?

    It's not common. 

    What is your system configuration? OS, version, how installed, etc. 
    Are you killing the processes, or just the application? (you can get 
multiple git processes in the background..)

    Have you tried the new Git-for-Windows? 
    [This one:,] 
    It's at rc4, so almost, but not quite, perfect ;-) 


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