sorry my bad, I forgot to provide the lol and lola aliases. 
lol = log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
lola = log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --all 

$ git cat-file commit f0afd6e 
tree 1fc12db96f7fff9de47ff1918eab0838e4708236
author Daniel Doron <dani...@xxxxxxx.com> 1447591625 +0200
committer Daniel Doron <dani...@xxxxxxx.com> 1447591625 +0200

initial module commit

sorry about the screen shot, I can attach the log with obfuscated text. 

$ git lol --format="%h <obfuscated subject>"
* cebb1d3 <obfuscated subject>
* 94a952b <obfuscated subject>
* e67bad2 <obfuscated subject>
* 99debeb <obfuscated subject>
* f462c1a <obfuscated subject>
* 9cc2479 <obfuscated subject>
* 1e45d73 <obfuscated subject>
* f0afd6e <obfuscated subject>

$ git lola --format="%h <obfuscated subject>"
* cebb1d3 <obfuscated subject>
* 94a952b <obfuscated subject>
* e67bad2 <obfuscated subject>
* 99debeb <obfuscated subject>
* f462c1a <obfuscated subject>
* 9cc2479 <obfuscated subject>
* 1e45d73 <obfuscated subject>
* f0afd6e <obfuscated subject>
* eec2459 <obfuscated subject>
* d37cf21 <obfuscated subject>
* 3afe6da <obfuscated subject>
* c83b4a2 <obfuscated subject>
* 853751b <obfuscated subject>
* e9bed23 <obfuscated subject>
* e68dfd0 <obfuscated subject>
* 1731cf4 <obfuscated subject>
* db3f302 <obfuscated subject>
* f02d1be <obfuscated subject>
* d7c892d <obfuscated subject>
* fc28864 <obfuscated subject>
* fee1cca <obfuscated subject>
* 7c77c56 <obfuscated subject>
* 4cd6b84 <obfuscated subject>
* cd76ba7 <obfuscated subject>
* b76c72f <obfuscated subject>
* 3bc940c <obfuscated subject>
* cf36aa3 <obfuscated subject>
* b35d28d <obfuscated subject>
* 2c1dd82 <obfuscated subject>
* 2b016c0 <obfuscated subject>
* 44c6bde <obfuscated subject>
* d831b2e <obfuscated subject>
* 530cc0e <obfuscated subject>
* eea0d19 <obfuscated subject>
* 6fd4f36 <obfuscated subject>
* 80fedae <obfuscated subject>
* bece4c1 <obfuscated subject>
* 1521d37 <obfuscated subject>
* bb6bcd1 <obfuscated subject>
* 34bfb7b <obfuscated subject>
* 07e0908 <obfuscated subject>
* c13b084 <obfuscated subject>
* 5fe13a6 <obfuscated subject>
* 3444ff9 <obfuscated subject>
* f6023d2 <obfuscated subject>
* 9d83ba9 <obfuscated subject>
* 4f7f332 <obfuscated subject>
* 0449521 <obfuscated subject>
* 76c00d0 <obfuscated subject>
* 7c336fc <obfuscated subject>
* 54c3891 <obfuscated subject>
* 6d4583e <obfuscated subject>
* 5e7502e <obfuscated subject>
* 85b9dba <obfuscated subject>
* 0ee3047b <obfuscated subject>
* 8ac8975 <obfuscated subject>
* 7247ba7 <obfuscated subject>
* e2a2033 <obfuscated subject>
* 2e49f6e <obfuscated subject>
* 8dd319b2 <obfuscated subject>
........continues here all the commits that were of the remote

I also tried --walk-reflogs which gives an interesting output...

$ git log --walk-reflogs --all --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit 
cebb1d3 refs/heads/master@{0}: commit: fix possible compilation errors with 
certain gcc versions and cleanup
94a952b refs/heads/master@{1}: commit: add required files for compilation, 
README, and update Makefile and make_module script
e67bad2 refs/heads/master@{2}: commit: add .gitignore
99debeb refs/heads/master@{3}: commit: use kernel.path file to compile 
module for specific kernel
f462c1a refs/heads/master@{4}: commit (cherry-pick): <obfuscated 
subject> -- Mantis#152 (GENERIC)
9cc2479 refs/heads/master@{5}: cherry-pick: <obfuscated subject> -- 
Mantis#111 (GENERIC)
1e45d73 refs/heads/master@{6}: cherry-pick: <obfuscated subject> -- 
Mantis#148 (GENERIC)
f0afd6e refs/heads/master@{7}: commit (initial): initial module commit
eec2459 d37cf21 3afe6da c83b4a2 853751b e9bed23 e68dfd0 1731cf4 db3f302 
f02d1be d7c892d fc28864 fee1cca 7c77c56 4cd6b84 cd76ba7 b76c72f 3bc940c 
cf36aa3 b35d28d 2c1dd82 2b016c0 44c6bde d831b2e 530cc0e eea0d19 6fd4f36 
80fedae bece4c1 1521d37 bb6bcd1 34bfb7b 07e0908 c13b084 5fe13a6 3444ff9 
f6023d2 9d83ba9 4f7f332 0449521 76c00d0 7c336fc 54c3891 6d4583e 5e7502e 
85b9dba 0ee3047b 8ac8975 7247ba7 e2a2033 2e49f6e 8dd319b2 fc373ca ed22d37 
3f5b5f3 58c8bb7 24ad1db 3658c4f 533cb36 bd63be2 ce9c507 9569b9b 2b66a1d 
eac036d cba4882 a43beb6 33d95fa 15b8750 b83bae1 43d5b82 a7e787d 10876e4 
a67e1e0 6f23173 fd16365 e29ff12 896d244 d2fdb0a 52506be a4f347b 36feec9 
f3fdd18 64282c2 db3ca8a 90d6042 6c0b97b 2ace1a0 6dc4114 f1b3b78 a2caf2d 
904a1cc d0a5769 5abd560 fcd0041 61f86f0 e4004b6 eeba7fb 258552f aa4456f 
6ee759d c955292 c4478ed c1564d9 46257c2 e3c1a63 c4a40cf f53d16d 32bae57 
44ebd69 ac7ae66 0373636 37235e1 b61865d 8fa8d55 2512892 cc159dc 48c8a63 
3749694 1373cbe 791c3a4 cf5d35a 13f4282 f6aad9a b13c70b e9ae126 091f69b 
7121f78 2a17dc0 72c2b4b 5db8688 f41428d 80cb46c a94c670 6faf483 7133ebf 
945416c 6726177 877f68b b580251 e4e7463 e33d140 ae10c66 63b798e 778be4d 
afbe9ce d29a5b0 560e4a8 ced233f 34a5cda 04c333f 4e6e5a2 15ffa59 13aa980 
4f3f266 96800d5 1c3ea6c c64d35e 1130184 b032fa8 14269bd 6a7b6ba 2ea1b2c 
7c87288 09d292e ed2ce95 4e837fd 21af038 a27b63f 99b62e5 626e07d 5c29ad7 
b6c3ac5 3dfd576 af2b3b9 ce01248 41cce87 aedbfa1 ea934fb 98eb87d a7d1bc9 
91136f3 5f14d15 1b3dd15 41fcb4f 7582009 7ffdb47 48ef2a5 217a646 3a8a3834 
1efd48e 54c65e5 e612aa2 e252b60 e53d4d1 83f949a bd71a60 8013966 ff9606c 
6a48d63 ed39e5f 44f4177 ce870f4 8aa8b44 c2d0134 0463279 c290ff1 7d6ad70 
704ca6d 55a21c7 6fd12ba 103bab3 44794ea 3e6f3dc 5d37648 2ac0a12 d9db6c2 
e980488 fb95a2f e0898d8 e8d00d2 6791566 f0078c4 683857f 47f1f41 5936173 
e18150e 44cd85e b030a6c 47f408a 1b3d437 fe6bf8a fced87c 8d4c891 a60245a 
6e87bf0 3ec274d ed7f9c7 fc6e4ae 1da4512 732094a d0a0706 54c8dbc 7b14f49 
a3b47ab d0c2789 e963470 dee86ba bc5a325 185583f e5c4df6 abdd968 11b8caa 
2c24eeb 570b359 40ff81b 1814348 5b19ec0 217e7ce c7063d7 ab28f4d a33be41 
e4e4eb0 5a4c616 a2cfc8f 113272d 351c04d b7f1e54 fbdcdca 33c7180 855c55a 
3502766 be0b2a5 dc510c0 4f08bca 4a1d421 19d3945 f926492 7800c63 2143d89 
7cbb2bd 0de3db2 96a528c e01be59 a7bc027 4484d2a 8a4518d a033fd8 08f7529 
f862d22 9ac37ca 7d72ead e7bd5db 7b07ba8 8f776e9 cd6e925 f584a04 dfdc31a 
55fbb0e d88d0df bdcaf30 67f5c15 cdacf83 ca9b201 d6fa26a f92e4ce 05ab50a 
a695da8 b802e40 d006215 d1772ba 642ba03 e95c2f2 6b047e5 64ee0ba 113860d 
f13fa81 60c46fe 3253684 243efef 75f8093 5f07ef7 7f9b619 fde11e0 4aa7e88 
68a4d59 9828fb7 0fc9b9f 0652852 48efc85 c571353 8966b5d a013dfe 11e2a76 
9597109 1f8c55e 6ee286f 9f08fbb abb3598 b0dea1e b515764 58ea32b 9c9b14a 
65eff99 032852a 3f0c116 8972abf e322892 97289b3 5df4ab3 63d453d 6e6ef04 
2f82f53 ea0cce0 85d0081 8e2d160 ca143ed 80b7dca f9f74a8 c63462f d098776 
9c61d5e 0ff2289 496c299 114e9f2 59b31b9 7080b94 6beeb5e 3336c8b f79e7f3 
e836630 bf87514 b10944c 2f1cb79 1642d12 5758d9a 133e69e 5966951 049d3f0 
5b9e4a5 3f6abf7 fc9b050 31a402c eccea62 82ceb17 09a11de 600d950 596189c 
1451716 891110b 1ac94ca ec23055 f2a6109 ceb5062 50182b4 1a22081 cf492c5 
946cb32 2b99faf c4c6a73 2f75ee3 9df608d 24ae780 cd5685d2 afc03d7 ff4a3b5 
4695755 637c396 62820c7 ff72ce0 f44f737 091a916 03bb078 8673a85 c081d28 
7184a97 f8e4614 738f6e7 f203031 2998705 2249230 1c7b098 fb0aeec 4c9d5e3 
cd2144d eae54bf 081783a 75a8345 5e0d107 f6a3c7c 810a9d9 d2d5cce 5aa8bf6 
5a7deff 3aeac88 13758ad 085c926 a3a0314 62cf3c8 d87b115 8c0b9b2 434b76f 
12d5075 a856a5c 946ca88 4cc31c6 d69c958 4beb7b1 e64833f f698826 90d8939 
8b09538 ac0bc2f 48bd504 59d5a76 9598fd4 ea8a1b1 ddebea2 2588128 6ddf52c 
757f863 ac8db57 4fd7597 cfaae59 fb9b53d 16727f0 88a0a6d 804a738 e597d60 
e6b725f 0c38f1f 74ace27 ade5631 558d6c9 730c5ee 97fbea8 12499da d2ba894 
24ab6db 13fedfb 222b86b 9850651 fdfb00f c1a1e5e 1102726 1bd7fc6 685a82d 
a5c2cff f09ca27 693eb18 e3e6c73 c6f7ec5 1ecc69e fd02aa4 894d425 d26bc30 
0e6c3d1 9d34687 f61423d 2c659bc 33afbb9 33f9363 9c48e93 8d56204 fc2c748 
e814e3f 3325a1a 6b8baf4 859da37 c3b8143 ba53271 c6bd00e 1a76821 d2256ae 
0041f1e cea1240 5ab843e 223a348 4bed54a a98bb97 d97153e 4545db0 076ac1f 
94509b4 3715788 7137535 a300566 b1b39ef 34427ca 07d464d 86cdd91 acbaa62 
328f758 20688e9 eb79bf3 f068b54 4735223 44cd418 a8be59a ec2b898 ceba98d 
d3d3cde 97601e9 9e16c3d 5ded38c f93937d e70cb7c ba671a2 11cc5c6 01bd3ae 
c296992 8fecb28 a21183a 8719d36 9600df9 c7f55e7 2ccb559 30ce770 a2d518c 
e48f50c 34ba075 79db008 fcfe116 8b1ceaf 106321c 89dd892 65edbc6 5072d1c 
2ce2e3b df71268 8df1d94 65b4ca9 69c0caf 4d175be fc940ab 79ea2c0 f1b09d5 
687457d 83dac4f 0ad6f6d 4b3fbd2 1de518b 41e0cb9 45b3e48 3f72cdf b980c4f 
adf7922 b42c435 334a8f7 1084414 64010dc 5cd3fd6 5628f75 2e9e2cf 74a4bfe 
f08b5e7 19651fe 31476b5 077673e 186e4f2 5a5a467 d6be3ff 3393287 77cbdf0 
1c44661 361a71d a83ba08 dd0207e e49377e 9bc030e 9cc45f1 ec5149b b910076 
bc19a44 a9dc546 abf926e 50f8863 9afa0f5 540601c 1c45794 c36a784 81e4c16 
82b2621 5ca9993 c9d17c3 b04e8d8 fff5f82 45ce26f 22cc105 ea7bb98 47ddd7d 
fd32579 0f34df3 e7fa83d 979da85 a1ff6d1 50cc36c f016f08 cf646fd 0a21d47 
decf90d 91b2f83 76916d0 ef02f6f 72a8ebc 09d1870 e74b506 fb93ace 37b6628 
2c2fe5a 533881a 045ad74 7368efd 9e8bcab 3b7cb29 ec99f0a 8e8f691 a54a083 
a13226d 967890c a7d9b1a 743576e 9f2092d 675653b 8e379de cb4c6b2 898dbe6 
8df5140 1ec7a7d e28de8c 11ed6e8 4cd7c09 aaeffd3 8cfc12e 51ca262 3ca44af 
b0f4631 4a7396e dbd6fac bab0ca5 607c008 e8ec28e be959bf 8d82123 9823d6b 
a95e64a 4222d26 789c265 1c79c9c 473c205 510f2e7 0306727 ec60450 c97d7ce 
771edb4 b7f3442 40de66c b54aba2 54f4eb9 8fce0b9 6a7b0e5 01e3a07 43462de 
4201acf 51c91d7 530fd06 5ae7655 1d171f3 f3a70e3 80cff94 629e9e1 2635960 
f03dedf f0aa3ab c4f7be2 afd3ed4 949fe08 351c9d7 1e3a357 9bc6383 001440d 
f111fee c07acc6 85ae00e 02bc9df 5af3c1d0 42b2634 c869999 5a16185 12acd7b 
30d7d67 273e414 0978791 da179cd 27ac49e c140603 bf2858c 8067f07 b954111 
844aee9 95ddfef d06bd10 725930e 12a530d 6e51692 8a9c8


On Monday, November 16, 2015 at 6:42:54 PM UTC+2, Konstantin Khomoutov 
> On Mon, 16 Nov 2015 08:28:37 -0800 (PST) 
> Daniel Doron <danielm...@gmail.com <javascript:>> wrote: 
> > > > see screen capture here: http://postimg.org/image/esgjyhk9j/ 
> > > > had to black out some parts because of proprietary info...but I 
> > > > hope you get the gist. 
> > > 
> > > This "remote" stuff seems to be reachable from two tags: Alpha3 and 
> > > Alpha2.  What happens if you remove them?  (Be sure to think this 
> > > operation through before carrying on with it.) 
> > > 
> > tried deleting them...changes nothing (except for the tags being gone) 
> OK, this means you may be maintaining a wrong mental model of how Git 
> history works or something awry with the Git history -- I'm not sure. 
> What does 
>     $ git cat-file commit f0afd6e 
> show to you? 
> Does it list 6d20be0 as its parent commit? 
> I'm not sure to which exact Git encantations your "lol" and "lola" 
> aliases expand, but from the screen shot you shown, I'd say that the 
> commit which were tagged Alpha3 is a direct parent of f0afd6e. 
> So please also post direct definitions of these aliases to we could do 
> more informed guesses.  You can run something like 
>     $ git config --get alias.lol 
> to get them. 
> (And if you can, please copy and paste text from your terminal; avoid 
> posting screenshots.) 

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