Thanks Konstantin, that is very thorough information. 
I will find the time and formulate a request to Git developers. 


On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 3:59:36 PM UTC+2, Konstantin Khomoutov 
> On Tue, 17 Nov 2015 00:06:19 -0800 (PST) 
> Daniel Doron < <javascript:>> wrote: 
> > >> > see screen capture here: 
> > >> > had to black out some parts because of proprietary info...but I 
> > >> > hope you get the gist. 
> > >> 
> > >> This "remote" stuff seems to be reachable from two tags: Alpha3 
> > >> and Alpha2.  What happens if you remove them?  (Be sure to think 
> > >> this operation through before carrying on with it.) 
> > >> 
> > > tried deleting them...changes nothing (except for the tags being 
> > > gone) 
> > Actually it did help! I forgot to delete one TAG.... 
> > Can you explain the rational behind this? 
> Some theory first. 
> Git has "refs" -- short for "references". 
> There are two kinds of references: branches (actually, "heads" in Git 
> parlance) and tags.  Hence, references are named "thingies" which point 
> to commits and are for humans to easily track those commits. 
> Now there's the concept of commit reachability. 
> As you know, a commit typically has at least one parent (merge commits 
> have two or more).  Thus child commits reference their parent commits. 
> Another way to reference a commit is to have a ref (a tag or a branch) 
> point to it.  All commits in a Git repository form a graph; actually, 
> any number of graphs.  Each commit in a graph is either a "leaf" commit 
> or is referenced by one or more child commits. 
> Now back to your issue. 
> You explicitly asked Git to show you all the refs via the "--all" 
> command-line option to `git log`.  This forced the `git log` to output 
> the lines of history hanging off all the refs your repository had, so it 
> dutifully rendered everything, including those subgraphs hanging off 
> those "Alpha3" and "Alpha2" tags. 
> One problem may be in suboptimal rendering which made you think the 
> history "falls through" the initial commit on your "master" to the 
> commit tagged "Alpha3".  I've just recreated that same situation in a 
> toy repo: 
>   % git log --graph --decorate --oneline --abbrev=commit --all 
>   * 2bb8 (tag: Alpha3) Alt: Third 
>   * 6fac Alt: Second 
>   * ddf6 Alt: First 
>   * 8fda (HEAD, master) Third 
>   * 4230 Second 
>   * 8764 First 
>   % git cat-file commit ddf6|grep -F parent 
> In my case, the subgraph hanging off "Alpha3" got rendered above the one 
> hanging off "master" but otherwise the problem exhibits yourself 
> rather clearly: it may be hard to understand that ddf6 does not have 
> 8fda as its parent. 
> You might want to bring this issue with the Git developers -- see [1] 
> on how to post to the main Git list.  If you do this, be sure to 
> include a link to this discussion in your mail, which is [2], but make 
> sure you write an actual message with as narrow formulation of your 
> problem as possible -- don't just drop a link to this discussion on 
> them: no one will bother to follow it. 
> 1. 
> 2. 

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