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Alekhya Vellanki <punarvasu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'd like to start contributing to git.
> I have absolutely no idea about open source projects contributions.
> I am also pretty unclear about what bugs,patches etc are.
> When I tried reading source codes of a few project ideas for GSoc
> 2016, I could hardly understand anything.
> I am good with C, C++.I am currently learning JAVA, python and shell 
> scripting.

I'm a bit uncomfortable to say this, but writing "I am good with C,
C++" right next to "I am also pretty unclear about what bugs,patches
etc are." and "...could hardly understand anything" is really a bold
statement: by the time someone declares they are good at C, they surely
are good at bugs, patches and software in general.

> How do I start off with open source project contributions?I want to
> be a part of GSoC 2017(Atleast submit a decent project proposal ;P).

Again, I'd really not want to sound blunt but it appears you merely
intend to somehow kickstart your career by forming up a competitive
portfolio (like "I was participating in GSoC" blah blah).
Not bad in itself but really this is a two-sided coin: the purpose of
GSoC is not merely get students involved but get the useful things
implemented in a participating software project, and that means the
students should have the skills on par with the task at hand.

> Please guide me right from the scratch.

Please read [1] for an answer to a similar request.

For now, your best tactic -- beyond learning and playing with writing
simple software -- should be the so-called "lurking".  Lurking means
quietly *watching* how the hard-core developers work on a software
project: how they discuss bugs and patches and proposed features;
studying commits they made in their project's repository.

What you did is suddenly having appeared out of thin air, evidently
with no prior familiarity with even the basics of software development
and asking to make you working on a really complicated piece of
software.  You definitely should work up your craftmanship on more
simple project (even on toy projects for the first time).

You could start reading through [2] which is intended to serve as a
gentle introduction to F/OSS development and the tooling it uses
(bugreports and patches included).

I with you good luck with learning!  Please not be put off by my rather
direct but honest and warm-hearted debunk. ;-)

1. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/git-users/QIGR_EBiPMM/YjAvrvd_AgAJ
2. http://yakking.branchable.com/

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