I am currently involved in GSoC 2016 with git. Git is a wonderful piece of 
software written by **very experienced** people. It is thus very difficult 
to get started. The best I can suggest you is to fork and clone the git.git 
repo, subscribe to the mailing list and try to see the discussion involved 
and also start off by reading the documentation and the API. You can 
definitely contact me for help in anything you want in the start. Its OKAY 
to not understand the project idea currently. This will take time and trust 
me it will be worth it.

Mostly importantly start using git in a non-trivial way. Get into the 
internals. Use the plumbing commands instead of porcelain  ones. And if you 
don't know the terms I am talking about then you seriously need to get 
started ASAP.

Pranit Bauva
IIT Kharagpur

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