Alekhya Vellanki <> writes:
> I'd like to start contributing to git.
> I have absolutely no idea about open source projects contributions.
> I am also pretty unclear about what bugs,patches etc are.
> When I tried reading source codes of a few project ideas for GSoc 2016, I 
> could hardly understand anything.
> I am good with C, C++.I am currently learning JAVA, python and shell 
> scripting.

You know that you have a lot to learn.  It's better to start with a
low-profile project where the amount of work that needs to be done is
larger than the number of volunteers available to do it.  Then the other
people on the project have an incentive to help you learn how to
contribute effectively.  The best choice would be a relatively obscure
project that you personally care about, or one where you have a friend
who is already active in the project.

Git is rather the opposite, there are a large number of very experienced
people who work on it.


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