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> Hello,
> So, this means which I can stay rested because this is normal! :) This
> means if I delete my directory on pc1 or pc2 I won't lost any files.
> Because this difference on numbers of file it is refers archive which
> git created derivate of my commits and another action on git, rights?
> Which I could see the difference on number of files isn't only .git
> directory. This means the git save files in another directory on tree
> of directory, right?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but I'll answer the question I
think you're asking ;)

Git will only ever store files in .git/ at the top-level.

You can ask git files in the work area it doesn't know about by running

    git clean -ndx

You can also ask git what files it does know about, and then count them
by running (on Unix)

   git ls-files | wc -l


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