Hello everyone,

I am a newbie on git. I was use the git more a less a week and I was 
working in two different computer. I started work on pc1 and after I turned 
pc2, where I clone the project repository, and now, after more a less 5 
days of work, I came back to pc1. On pc1 I did "git pull origin master" and 
git downloaded all stuffs and files from git repository for my pc1. But, 
for analyze and secure I git clone to the same projecto but in different 
folder. I compared this different folders and I discovered the different 
number of the files in this folders.

The structure is this:

repo_git_old -> 11281 files
repo_git_new -> 7328 files (this is the same repository, but this is a new 

My questions is: Why the older directory have more files to the new 
First time I think this different reside in folder .git, maybe in .trash 
folder. But I can't find this folder on my structure of repository.

Well, I hope I can explain myself well,

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