Hi Chris,

On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 9:48:26 PM UTC+2, Chris Murphy wrote:
> The gist I uploaded was created via
> git log --format=%h\ %d --graph branchA branchB

Is this the _exact_ command you used, or you had some additional grepping 
in there as well (as with your other gists)? Only grepping would seem to 
explain the crippled graph(s), unless I`m missing something else.

Could you try with these commands instead (without any grepping of the 

(*1*) $ git log --format=%h\%d --graph --sparse --full-history branchA 
branchB ^03dd551f031f48e8702f9154b23f53af8cc4799b^

... and:

(*2*) $ git log --format=%h\%d --graph --sparse --full-history branchA 
branchB ^9ba8f06829b2d2170f23254ed3fe8f3727fe56dc^

That should hopefully provide some more info on the state of your 
repository history, both starting from your branch tips and ending (1) at 
the parent commit of the merge-base you discovered, or (2) at the parent of 
the commit you were originally interested in.


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