On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 2:38:09 PM UTC+2, Chris Murphy wrote:
> You're right, I didn't mean to leave the --tags=1 in. I double checked 
> that the --tags and greps didn't remove any lines from the output.
> However, I did overlook the carat syntax - on zsh, those need to be 
> escaped. I repeated this with escapes and also double-checked against bash 
> just in case. I think this is what you wanted:
> https://gist.github.com/cmurphycode/5df15669ce1e5c33f3e69d997b465d6d

This one looks interesting, as we can see both 03dd551f03 (merge base) and 
9ba8f06829 (your initial "surprising" commit) in there. By the looks of 
that graph only, it seems clear that 9ba8f06829 does not belong to 
"branchA" (its graph ending with merge base commit) -- but, that may be 
true considering "branchA", "branchB" and the merge base commit 
03dd551f03 _only_.

Do you have other branches in your repository, where some of them are/were 
merged to/with these two branches we`re looking at? If so, that might 
explain the situation further.

But even if not, I`m thinking if Git`s *"history simplification"* 
<https://git-scm.com/docs/git-log#_history_simplification>[1] could be the 
the culprit here...? Could you try your initial commands again, but adding 
"--sparse" and "--full-history" to them as well? I`m not sure if there are 
any other "do not simplify history" switches.

So if you could try running something like this (note %h changed to %H as 

(*1*) $ git log --format=%H --sparse --full-history branchA..branchB | grep 

(*2*) $ git log --format=%H --sparse --full-history branchA | grep 

(*3*) $ git log --format=%H --sparse --full-history branchB | grep 

> Here's what the branches point to as of right now, just to be sure :)
> ± % git show-ref branchA
> c7770ea9a062d189dc2e3238bdd6f5987d86e1cb refs/heads/branchA
> ± % git show-ref branchB
> 944405f8308c77200f7f4cb860a3f95a7a8ba6dd refs/heads/branchB
> Thanks for your patience, I appreciate the help!

No problem, I`m not sure how much helpful I`ll prove to be in the end, but 
I do find the case interesting, learning something new myself :)

[1] https://git-scm.com/docs/git-log#_history_simplification


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