You're right, I didn't mean to leave the --tags=1 in. I double checked that 
the --tags and greps didn't remove any lines from the output.

However, I did overlook the carat syntax - on zsh, those need to be 
escaped. I repeated this with escapes and also double-checked against bash 
just in case. I think this is what you wanted:

Here's what the branches point to as of right now, just to be sure :)

± % git show-ref branchA
c7770ea9a062d189dc2e3238bdd6f5987d86e1cb refs/heads/branchA

± % git show-ref branchB
944405f8308c77200f7f4cb860a3f95a7a8ba6dd refs/heads/branchB

Thanks for your patience, I appreciate the help!

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 2:45:07 AM UTC-4, Igor Djordjevic wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 4:02:43 AM UTC+2, Chris Murphy wrote:
>> Oh man, sorry, I totally screwed up when editing the output to exclude 
>> tags, making the graph totally wrong since some lines were missing. Sorry 
>> about that.
>> I've fixed that issue (Sorry, I still have to edit out tags. I'm 
>> using grep -o ".*[0-9a-f]\{10\}\|.* $", and open to any better suggestions)
>> Here's command 1
>> git log --tags=1 --format=%h\%d --graph --sparse --full-history branchA 
>> branchB ^03dd551f031f48e8702f9154b23f53af8cc4799b^ | grep -o 
>> ".*[0-9a-f]\{10\}\|.* $"
>> command 2
>> git log --format=%h\%d --graph --sparse --full-history branchA branchB 
>> ^9ba8f06829b2d2170f23254ed3fe8f3727fe56dc^ | grep -o ".*[0-9a-f]\{10\}\|.* 
>> $"
> That looks much better, but I`m not sure if it can/should still be 
> trusted, either, as "--tags=1" parameter you added can cause (pretty much?) 
> all history to still be included, missing the point of last ^{commit}^ 
> restriction, and might be grepping could still omit some lines...?
> If you would prefer not showing tags, maybe the easiest approach would be 
> omitting "decorations" placeholder "%d" inside "--format" parameter 
> altogether:
> (*1*) $ git log --format=%h --graph --sparse --full-history branchA 
> branchB ^03dd551f031f48e8702f9154b23f53af8cc4799b^
> ... and:
> (*2*) $ git log --format=%h --graph --sparse --full-history branchA 
> branchB ^9ba8f06829b2d2170f23254ed3fe8f3727fe56dc^
> This should produce desired graph history with only commit sha1`s shown, 
> no need to grep anything out.
> We already know the commits branches A and B point to from your previous 
> examples, so missing these should not be a problem -- unless your history 
> changed further, in which case you could write these to the right of 
> corresponding commits by hand (paying attention not to break the graph 
> layout - in case you`re not sure, better just leave it as it is).
> Regards,
> Buga

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