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> FWIW I updated the patches and sent them to the dev mailing list so
> they stay on the record:

> https://lore.kernel.org/git/camp44s0cbum1jzyp57ninikwsxg9kugbkdaoozmnen1akvg...@mail.gmail.com/T/#t

I just skimmed over the thread. It seems that the reactions were not
negative, so there is some hope.

Concerning mercurial topics, well it is part of the evolve extension,
which is not part of mercurial core, but on the other hand the evolve
extension is now quite stable so I would not call it experimental, but
anyhow never mind.
Exporting named branches to git branches (for the hg-git extension) is
unfortunately experimental.

And the evolve extension seems really to be necessary to have a better 

Thanks again for pushing this idea forward, independent of hg-git, I find
it very helpful.


> Cheers.

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