> On Fri, Apr 14, 2023 at 04:38:34PM +0200, Uwe Brauer wrote:

> Well, your approach is incorrect. ;-)
> A correct one is going to be quicker, too.

> As I've explained in this list in the past, _by default_ Git implements
> asymmetric approach to handling remote repositories and branches they
> contain - you might want to re-read [1] and may be the whole thread; may be
> this idea will now have greater chances to really sink in as you will be
> able to compare and contrast "normal" clone and "mirror" clone.

You are right, I am sorry. You dedicated quite some time, but it seemed  so
overwhelming  that I just kept this bit of information in my memory:

I wrote 
|  git branch -a
| * main
|   remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/main
|   remotes/origin/feature
|   remotes/origin/main

And you final answer was
|   git checkout feature

I admit I even forgot that had an extended thread on the topic. That
your answer cannot be the last word on this issue I realized yesterday.
Suppose I have to remotes 


|  git branch -a
| * master
|   remotes/bitbucket/HEAD -> bitbucket/main
|   remotes/bitbucket/feature
|   remotes/bitbucket/master


 git checkout feature 

Can not be the answer. 

But I think it is better before you even answer, that I go over the
thread and try to sort it out for myself (as far as I can get).

Because I need to understand that structure if I want deal with
pull-requests and fork (via the command line and emacs without magit).
For sure tomorrow after some testing I will run into other problems, and
will send another message. 

>  1. Clone the original repo:

>       git clone --mirror o...@git.code.sf.net/p/matlab-emacs/src

That worked as I expected (as a mercurial user)
I just followed the instructions of the gitlab documentation but did not
realize that this instructions were aimed as users you have set up their
own local repository but not a mirror.

>     Note that a bare repository is created. That means, it has no work tree
>     (no checked out files).

>     You can now `cd` to the resulting directory and do `git branch` (note
>     the absense of "-a" or "-r") and `git tag` there to see that all the
>     branches and all the tags are here.

>  2. Configure a named remote in your clone:

>       git remote add gitlab --mirror=push 
> g...@gitlab.com:kalthad/matlab-emacs.git

Thanks, I for sure would have used.

git remote add gitlab  g...@gitlab.com:kalthad/matlab-emacs.git

Without the mirror option.

Thanks again for you patience.


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