On Sun, Apr 16, 2023 at 3:01 AM Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> wrote:
> >     git for-each-ref --format='git switch %(refname:lstrip=3)'
> > refs/remotes/origin
> Changing slightly the topic, when I am using your git-hg-remote plugin

git-remote-hg, and I wouldn't call it a "plugin", git doesn't have
plugins. It's just a tool.

> I need to do a lot of pushes from git branch to mercurial named-branches
> like
> git remote add hg-remote hg::../mercurial-matlab-emacs-default
> git checkout strings
> mygit-push-named-branch strings

I'm not sure what's going on here, as I don't have the code of
`mygit-push-named-branch`, but I suspect it's doing something like:

  git push hg-remote strings:branches/strings

If that's the case I think I already explained to you that you don't
need to specify the refspec (strings:branches/strings), if the local
branches have the same name as the remote branches, so you should
probably name them like "branches/strings", not "strings".

Alternatively you can configure git to always push local git branches
to hg branches:

    git config remote.hg-remote.push refs/heads/*:refs/heads/branches/*

So when you do

    git push hg-remote strings

It will automatically do the equivalent of:

    git push hg-remote strings:branches/strings

Once you have configured git to automatically push to the right
location, you can push all the branches with;

    git push --all

> git checkout modernize

You don't need to checkout a branch to push it.


Felipe Contreras

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