Junio C Hamano wrote:
"MT" == Mike Taht <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

MT> alternatively, "git-archive-torrent" to create a list of files for a
MT> bittorrent feed....

That is certainly good for establishing the baseline, but you
still need to leverage the inherent delta-compressibility
between related blobs/trees by also doing something like what I
described as "diff package", don't you?

Yes... yes you could have files and diffs generated statically...

although something like a bittorrent server/client/frontend, call it "gittorrent" (I hate being the first to make this pun) could walk the hashes dynamically (
Ihave: sha,sha,sha,sha... Sendme: shaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hereswhatyouneedfromgit: file,file,file,diff,diff,diff,...)


Mike Taht

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