Petr wrote:
> Please don't reindent the scripts. It violates the current coding style
> and the patch is unreviewable.

Sorry - I had not realized that there was a style in this case.

I am all in favor of such coding styles, and will gladly fit this one.

Do you want the patch resent, or a patch to restore indent on top of
this one?

> the patch is unreviewable.

The section that I indented the wrong way was such a total rewrite, that
you aren't going to be able to review it line by line compared to the
old anyway.  So in this case, it wasn't that I was modifying and
reindenting, rather that I was rewriting a page of code from scratch.

But that's a nit.  Honoring the coding style is necessary in any case.

> The idea behind that was that diffing could take a significant portion
> of disk space,

Here I don't understand, or don't agree, not sure which.

This won't eat more disk space, because the same tmp files are reused,
over and over.  Instead of unlinking them just before reopening them
truncating (O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC), I just reopen them truncating.

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