On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Russell King wrote:
> BTW, there appears to be "errors" in the history committed thus far.
> I'm not sure where this came from though.  Some of them could be
> UTF8 vs ASCII issues, but there's a number which seem to have extra
> random crap in them ("^M)" and lots of blank lines).

Ah, yes. That is actually from the original emails from Andrew. I do not 
know why, but I see them there. It's his script that does something 

(Andrew: in case you care, the first one is

        [patch 003/198] arm: fix SIGBUS handling

which has the email looking like

        From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 03:30:35 -0700
        From: Russell King <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
        ARM wasn't raising a SIGBUS with a siginfo structure.  Fix
        __do_user_fault() to allow us to use it for SIGBUS conditions, and 
        for the sigbus path to use this.

> One thing which definitely needs to be considered is - what character
> encoding are the comments to be stored as?

To git, it's just a byte stream, and you can have binary comments if you
want to. I personally would prefer to move towards UTF eventually, but I
really don't think it matters a whole lot as long as 99.9% of everything
we'd see there is still 7-bit ascii.

> ID: 75f86bac962b7609b0f3c21d25e10647ff8ed280
> [PATCH] intel8x0: AC'97 audio patch for Intel ESB2
>         This patch adds the Intel ESB2 DID's to the intel8x0.c file for AC'97 
> audio
>         support.
>         Signed-off-by: <A0>Jason Gaston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

That <A0> is also there in Andrew's original email. It's "space with the
high bit set", and I have no idea why.

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