On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 09:36:09AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Russell King wrote:
> > On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 04:01:45PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > > So I re-created the dang thing (hey, it takes just a few minutes), and
> > > pushed it out, and there's now an archive on kernel.org in my public
> > > "personal" directory called "linux-2.6.git". I'll continue the tradition
> > > of naming git-archive directories as "*.git", since that really ends up
> > > being the ".git" directory for the checked-out thing.
> > 
> > We need to work out how we're going to manage to get our git changes to
> > you.  At the moment, I've very little idea how to do that.  Ideas?
> To me, merging is my highest priority. I suspect that once I have a tree 
> from you (or anybody else) that I actually _test_ merging with, I'll be 
> motivated as hell to make sure that my plumbing actually works. 

Ok, I'll throw this tree onto master.kernel.org - how about
master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-rmk.git ?  I think it's in the
same format as your trees:

|-- HEAD
`-- objects

where HEAD was copied from my .git/heads/master, and objects from

> > However, I've made a start to generate the necessary emails.  How about
> > this format?
> > 
> > I'm not keen on the tree, parent, author and committer objects appearing
> > in this - they appear to clutter it up.  What're your thoughts?
> Indeed. I'd almost drop the whole header except for the "author" line. 


> Oh, and you need a separator between commits, right now your 
> "Signed-off-by:" line ends up butting up with the header of the next 
> commit ;)


> > I'd rather not have the FQDN of the machine where the commit happened
> > appearing in the logs.
> That's fine. Out short-logs have always tried to have just the real name 
> in them, and I do want an email-like thing for tracking the developer, but 
> yes, if you remove the email, that's fine. It should be easy enough to do 
> with a simple
>       sed 's/<.*>//'
> or similar.


> And if you replace "author" with "From:" and do the date conversion, it
> might look more natural.

Also done. 8)

I still need to work out how to make my noddy script follow different
branches which may be present though.  However, for my common work
flow, it fits what I require.

Ok, how about this format:


Please incorporate the latest ARM changes.

This will update the following files:

 arch/arm/kernel/process.c                  |   15 +++++++++++----
 arch/arm/kernel/traps.c                    |    8 ++------
 arch/arm/lib/changebit.S                   |   11 ++---------
 arch/arm/lib/clearbit.S                    |   13 ++-----------
 arch/arm/lib/setbit.S                      |   11 ++---------
 arch/arm/lib/testchangebit.S               |   15 ++-------------
 arch/arm/lib/testclearbit.S                |   15 ++-------------
 arch/arm/lib/testsetbit.S                  |   15 ++-------------
 arch/arm/mach-footbridge/dc21285-timer.c   |    4 ++--
 arch/arm/mach-sa1100/h3600.c               |    2 +-
 include/asm-arm/arch-ebsa285/debug-macro.S |    7 +++++--
 include/asm-arm/arch-rpc/debug-macro.S     |    5 ++++-
 include/asm-arm/ptrace.h                   |    5 +----
 include/asm-arm/system.h                   |    3 +++
 14 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 88 deletions(-)

through these ChangeSets:

Author: Russell King: Sun Apr 17 16:28:31 BST 2005

        [PATCH] ARM: fix debug macros
        Fix debug EBSA285 and RiscPC debugging macros to detect whether the
        MMU is enabled.
        Signed-off-by: Russell King

Author: Russell King: Sun Apr 17 15:51:02 BST 2005

        [PATCH] ARM: bitops
        Convert ARM bitop assembly to a macro.  All bitops follow the same
        format, so it's silly duplicating the code when only one or two
        instructions are different.
        Signed-off-by: Russell King

Author: Russell King: Sun Apr 17 15:50:36 BST 2005

        [PATCH] ARM: showregs
        Fix show_regs() to provide a backtrace.  Provide a new __show_regs()
        function which implements the common subset of show_regs() and die().
        Add prototypes to asm-arm/system.h
        Signed-off-by: Russell King

Author: Russell King: Sun Apr 17 15:40:46 BST 2005

        [PATCH] ARM: h3600_irda_set_speed arguments
        h3600_irda_set_speed() had the wrong type for the "speed" argument.
        Fix this.
        Signed-off-by: Russell King

Author: Russell King: Sun Apr 17 15:36:55 BST 2005

        [PATCH] ARM: footbridge rtc init
        The footbridge ISA RTC was being initialised before we had setup the
        kernel timer.  This caused a divide by zero error when the current
        time of day is set.  Resolve this by initialising the RTC after
        the kernel timer has been initialised.
        Signed-off-by: Russell King

Russell King

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