On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:
> Grm. Cg is also name of some scary NVidia thing, and cog is GNOME
> Configurator. CGT are Chimera Grid Tools, but I think we can clash
> with those - at least *I* wouldn't mind. ;-)

I realize that there is probably a law that there has to be a space, but I 
actually personally use tab-completion all the time, and in many ways 
prefer a name that can be completed without having to play games with 
magic bash completion files.

So how about using a dash instead of a space, and making things be


etc? You can link them all to the same script if you don't like having 
multiple scripts, and just match with

        case "$0" in

or something.

Yeah, yeah, it looks different from "cvs update", but dammit, wouldn't it 
be cool to just write "cg-<tab><tab>" and see the command choices? Or 
"cg-up<tab>" and get cg-update done for you..

Just because rcs/cvs/everybody-and-his-dog thinks it is cool to have a 
space there and have different meaning for flags depending on whether they 
are before the command or after the command doesn't mean that they are 
necessarily right..

Just an idea,

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