>>>>> "DJ" == Dave Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

DJ> I used to do 'bk changes | grep \[AGPGART\] -C3 | head' on a
DJ> regular basis, just to be able to answer 'hey, did cset x
DJ> get into tree y?' questions from users.  which is the
DJ> probably the closest I came to non-paginated usage.

I am bk untainted so I may be misunderstanding what your example
is, but I take that "bk changes" in your example corresponds to
"git log", correct?

Then please read what Linus wrote again.  Your example is
exactly the point Linus is making.  The output from that command
is not going to a tty---it is going to a _pipe_ and more or less
will do exactly (not more or less ;-) the right thing.

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