* Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Yeah, yeah, it looks different from "cvs update", but dammit, wouldn't 
> it be cool to just write "cg-<tab><tab>" and see the command choices?  
> Or "cg-up<tab>" and get cg-update done for you..

add this line to your ~/.bashrc:

 complete -W "add addremote apply cancel ci commit diff export fork help init 
log ls lsobj lsremote merge pull rm seek status tag track version" git

and you'll get all the argument completions, after "git " (it works on 
arguments, after the space). (you can even customize it to list only the 
ones you typically use, to make the completion faster) This first showed 
up in zsh but now bash knows it too. (see 'Programmable Completions' in 
man bash)

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