Petr Baudis wrote:
> A little off-topic, anyone knows how to turn off that damn alternate
> screen thing on the xterm level? (Or any other level which makes _all_
> programs not to use it.)

Change the terminfo entry.

The relevant sequence is \E?47h and \E[?47l (save/restore screen) and
often it is paired with \E7 and \E8 (save/restore cursor position)
and \E[2J (clear screen).  [1]

Here it was put in the smcup/rmcup capabilities.

  infocmp >term.src
  vi term.src
  # either remove the sequences or completely disable the
  # capabilities by adding a dot in front of them (.rmcup=...).
  tic term.src


Ciao, ET.

[1] On strange terminals the escape sequences may be completely
different but these are the common ones.
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