Christian Meder wrote:

Comments ? Ideas ? Other feedback ?

Hi guys,

New around these parts, so be gentle :-)

I would like to suggest the idea of a SOAP interface. If we are talking about a true service orientated API, then a way of calling a uri and having it return a nice SOAP packet with the return data in it would be great. If we ensured compliance with web service standards, then it would then mean anyone could write themselves a client desktop based program, a web interface, or any utility command line tools (in Java, .net, whatever they want, and for whatever platform), that could communicate with the web service and retrieve relevant data. You'd then have a true service interface into a Git repository. Seeing as how the idea of returning XML has already come up, I don't think it would be a stretch to extend the web interface to returning web service compliant SOAP packets in order to return data.

-= El =-
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