Dear diary, on Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 04:23:42PM CEST, I got a letter
where Jan Harkes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> told me that...
> On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 12:41:56PM +0200, Christian Meder wrote:
> > -------
> > /<project>/blob/<blob-sha1>
> > /<project>/commit/<commit-sha1>
> It is trivial to find an object when given a sha, but to know the object
> type you'd have to decompress it and check inside. Also the way git
> stores these things you can't have both a blob and a commit with the
> same sha anyways.
> So why not use,
>     /<project/<hexadecimal sha1 representation>
>       will give you the raw object.
>     /<project/<hexadecimal sha1 representation>.html (.xml/.txt)
>       will give you a parsed version for user presentation

Because this gives you more type control, and type control is good where
it makes sense (i.e. the types are completely orthogonal). It makes
sense here - either you _know_ your sha1 is of given type, or you don't
know at all what are you doing.

Also, when looking at an URI, you can immediately say what type of
object does it point at. I actually consider that a pretty important

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
C++: an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog. -- Steve Taylor
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