> >
> > >From the point of view of a specification, though, I think it would be
> > useful to focus on an XML content model rather than the details of one
> > particular HTML model - get the XML model right and you can do
> > whatever you like with the HTML model at any time after that.
> Actually I think the order is get the C content model right (done), get
> the Python object model right (in flux), produce an appropriate XML
> model.

Mmm.. I am not sure that a Python model is logically a pre-requisite
to the XML model nor that the ideal C API model is complete - we still
don't have a libgit, for example.  For an XML model we can get by
pretty well with the data model as it is - and an XML model really
shouldn't be dependent on any particular API or programming language.

Certainly, though, an XML model isn't a pre-requisite to a Python
model. Though it might be a pre-req to a SOAP model :-).

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