On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> No, I htink you're using cogito-0.12, and I fixed this one-liner that 
> didn't make it into cogito:

Btw, this will only affect unpacking. The packed objects should be fine,
and you'll never see this if you keep the index file around and have the
pack in .git/objects/pack, because then git won't ever do the "streaming"  
thing, it will look up exactly where the object is using the index, and it
doesn't matter that it doesn't look at the compressed data of a zero-sized

So cogito isn't terminally broken, it just can't do the streaming unpack.

And as Russell points out, unpacking the packs after downloading them is
actually the wrong thing to do, because you break the rsync'ness of your
archive, so you'll keep on downloading the pack-files over and over again.

So you can fix this by getting the current git release, but you probably 
shouldn't even care.  Just use the pack-files as pack-files instead, and 
enjoy the higher performance and lower disk use ;).

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