On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, Russell King wrote:
> Ok, let's give this a go then.  However, I'm not confident in this
> working, especially after seeing the output of git-fsck-cache --full...
> and I've no idea _why_ it's complaining.

Ok, I've downloaded your objects, and it all looks fine. Nothing is 

So something is wrong with the git-fsck-cache handling of 
GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES, but I don't see what. Other programs 
happily see the objects, git-fsck-cache for some reason does not, and thus 
complains. I'll try to figure it out.

However, the more I try to make "git-pack-objects" work with a partial
repository, the less happy I am about it. It works wonderfully well with
rsync:, since rsync just doesn't know that something is missing, but
generating the object list when there are objects missing is quite hard.

I can be trivial and say "missing objects aren't interesting", and it 
would _work_, but that just doesn't make me happy. So I'm almost getting 
ready to say "let's not do this thing after all".

> Could this be because cogito doesn't know how to handle this setup
> properly yet?  Have I just destroyed my git tree by trying to apply
> stuff to it?

This is definitely not a cogito problem, that fsck thing is in git itself. 

And no, you didn't destroy your tree - I just merged it, and the merged 
results look fine and fsck correctly (and I get the same diffstat you do). 
It's just a bug in fsck somewhere that makes it look bad.

That said, my inability to check the pack for completeness for a partial 
archive makes me think this partial rsync wasn't such a good idea after 
all. It _is_ convenient, though, so I'll have to think about the send-pack 
issues some more and see if I can resolve the difficulty without too much 
problems. And clearly I need to fix git-fsck-cache.

Anyway, I pushed out the merge, so don't worry about your tree. But let's 
hold off on this partial thing for a while, ok?

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