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> Subject: Compilation troubles
> I apologize for what are probably obvious compilation questions, but I
> suspect other newbies are encountering them as well.  I'm 
> having trouble
> installing cogito 0.12.1 on both a vanilla Ubuntu box and on 
> my account
> on a FreeBSD machine.  I'm used to autoconf-built programs, so there's
> probably just some simple library path I'm not setting up right.  But
> I'd appreciate your suggestions, and perhaps we can add the answer to
> the INSTALL file.
> UBUNTU 5.04
> I used synaptics to install openssl, zlib, and curl, but cogito can't
> seem to see them.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/src/cogito-0.12.1 # make
> cc -g -O2 -Wall  '-DSHA1_HEADER=<openssl/sha.h>'   -c -o read-cache.o
> read-cache.c
> In file included from read-cache.c:6:
> cache.h:21:21: openssl/sha.h: No such file or directory

I tried this last night with Ubuntu (Warty).  The openssl package
doesn't include header files so presumably you would need to install
openssl-dev, only that package doesn't seem to exist in Ubuntu-land.  I
gave up at this point and installed on a different system.

The README file for cogito/git mentions that there is an ssl library
included in the source which you can use if you don't have openssl.  It
doesn't give any directions on how to use it, however.  You could try
looking into using that.

Jerry Seutter
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