On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Jerry Seutter wrote:
> The README file for cogito/git mentions that there is an ssl library
> included in the source which you can use if you don't have openssl.  It
> doesn't give any directions on how to use it, however.  You could try
> looking into using that.


        make MOZILLA_SHA1=1

to use the included mozilla-based SHA1 library.

(Or just do "export MOZILLA_SHA1=1" in your .bashrc so that you always do 

There's also a "PPC_SHA1" which works the same way, and which enables the 
optimized ppc assembly language version. It used to make a big difference 
for me, but it seems modern openssl libraries already have something 
fairly optimized (on my YDL machine the openssl version was really slow).

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