Satturday, 16 July 2005 21:46 Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I do not know what release plan Linus has in mind, and also
> expect things to be quieter next week during OLS and kernel
> summit, but I think we are getting really really close.
> Here are the things I think we would want to see before we hit
> 1.0:
>  - Remaining feature enhancements and fixes.
>    - Anonymous pull from packed archives on remote sites via
>      non-rsync, non-ssh transport.  Many people are behind
>      corporate firewalls that do not pass anything but outgoing
>      http(s) and some do not even pass outgoing ssh.  The recent
>      addition of git-daemon by Linus would greatly alleviate the
>      situation, but we may also end up wanting something HTTP
>      reachable.
I'd add the UTF-8 native support. Currently neither commit nor gitk doesn't 
support that. Probably this should be done at as low as possible level.

Alexey Nezhdanov

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