Several days ago there was a discussion on discovering remote
tags and branches.  This was somewhat related to supporting
packed repositories on a dumb server I have been toying with, so
here is my current status.

The first three patches deal with the discovery of remote tags
and heads:

  [PATCH 1/6] git-peek-remote: show tags and heads from a remote repository.
  [PATCH 2/6] Documentation: git-peek-remote.
  [PATCH 3/6] git-ls-remote: show and optionally store remote refs.

The discovery over http transport against a dumb server needs to
have a couple of files to support it, which is prepared with the
next two patches.

  [PATCH 4/6] Add update-server-info.
  [PATCH 5/6] Document update-server-info.

The git-update-server-info command introduced by these two
patches prepare not just the list of tags and heads, but the
list of packs and commit ancestry information.  Using that,
cloning a packed repository over http transport from a dumb
server becomes trivial.

  [PATCH 6/6] Support cloning packed repo from dumb http servers.

The next task would be to add support of the same to git-fetch.

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