David Lang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> a very common one will be prople who want to setup a cron job to
> update their local tree nightly, in this case having a pre-generated
> pack file with each day's updates will save a significant amount of
> processing power.
> would it make sense to have it do something along the lines of sending
> the day;s pack file plus a small number of individual object (even if
> the pack file will partially duplicate object the puller already has)

I think that would be a reasonable thing to do.  The server for
anonymous puller, git-daemon, may need some extending.  As
people criticised, git-upload-pack/git-fetch-pack protocol being
not easily extensible, we would end up doing another protocol,
though, that's OK.

Fortunately [*1*], git-daemon itself is written to be extensible
if you are willing to introduce a totally new protocol driver,
so if this on-demand pack generation turns out to be too much
a resource hog, we have a reasonably easy way out.


*1* We are fortunate but that is not by dumb luck.  When he did
daemon.c::execute(), Linus must have thought things through.

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