Catalin Marinas wrote:

It seems I inadvertantly kicked off the discussion I wanted to kick off, but I didn't excpect this patch to do so!

I prepared a patch adding the following information into git/Documentation to kick off discussion. Obviously Catalin is more likely to be accurate.

OK, though StGIT doesn't use any at the moment.

Now, the StGIT files (.git means $GIT_DIR):

      * /etc/stgitrc, ~/.stgitrc, .git/stgitrc - configuration files
        (the latter overrides the former). The syntax is similar to the
        ini files
      * .git/patches/ - directory containing the patch information. I
        won't go into details here since this is only used by StGIT
      * .git/exclude - for the files to be ignored by the 'status'
      * .git/conflicts - includes the list of files conflicting after a
        merge operation. The user should run 'stg resolved --all' to
        mark the conflicts as resolved and remove this file
      * .git/branches/ - the same meaning as in cogito, only that
        'master' is considered a branch and 'stg pull' doesn't use
      * .git/patchdescr.tmpl - the same idea as commit-template, used
        when creating the first description for a patch
      * .git/patchexport.tmpl - template used when exporting the patches
        in a series
      * .git/patchmail.tmpl - template used for sending patches by

how about:
 .git/refs/heads/master - documented in README, doesn't appear to be used.
.git/firstmail.tmpl - template used for sending the preamble email

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