Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have it the other way around, with the rationale that your default
> settings should be in your ~/.gitrc, not environment, which is always
> the highest priority.

That's true.  I just never hand commit other people's patches (I
use applymbox for that) and never needed to give one-shot set of
environment variables to commit-tree by hand from the command

> (Quite some things came to git from Cogito anyway. ;-) And well, that's
> completely natural.)

I am not the one who did the barebone, so I'd let Linus to tell
"coming from" and "done independently while retaining
compatibility" apart if he wants to ;-).

>> Personally, I think having to have ignore pattern like .cvsignore
>> per-directory is simply _ugly_.
> No, I think it's great. That increases the locality of things, which is
> good. Think about it as of variables - it's nicer to have them local.

Seeing Catalin also expressed the intention to add .gitignore in
directory tree everywhere, I would keep my personal opinion to myself.

How about we do something like this:

    git-ls-files --others
        --exclude-from=.git/ignore \

When the new flag --exclude-per-directory is specified,
git-ls-files uses the file with that name in each directory it
looks at to match against the files in that directory (and its
subdirectories, perhaps?)  just like it uses --exclude-from for
the entire tree today.

If I added that, would both of you be able to lose a lot of
lines from cg-status and git.__tree_status()?  If so, then that
is worth the core-side support.

What should the pattern matching rules be?  I think the current
git-ls-files one may be a bit too weak.

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