Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hmm. What about just excluding the files according to the order of
> parameters on the command line?
> Here, the question is whether the GIT Core tools should provide full
> flexibility and friendness to custom use, or rather serve as tighter
> unifying layer for the porcelains, enforcing certain conventions.

While I would in principle prefer to offer more freedom to shoot
yourselves in the foot ;-), the pragmatic side of me says too
much flexibility is just asking for trouble with not much
additional gain.  For example, your "generic first, and then
list exceptions" argument convinced me to shelve the "first
match wins" rule, but I _could_ have added an extra option to
allow other Porcelain writers who want to have "most number of
match wins" rule while at it.  I didn't.  Let's wait and see if
somebody else comes up with a different use scenario that would
be useful in real life.

In the meantime, the current one is clearly broken as you
pointed out, so let's replace it with the updated "generic rule
with the following exceptions" one.

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