Junio C Hamano wrote:

>The list of patterns that is in effect at a given time is
>built and ordered in the following way:
> * --exclude=<pattern> and lines read from --exclude-from=<file>
>   come at the beginning of the list of patterns, in the order
>   given on the command line.  Patterns that come from the file
>   specified with --exclude-from are ordered in the same order
>   as they appear in the file.
> * When --exclude-per-directory=<name> is specified, upon
>   entering a directory that has such a file, its contents are
>   appended at the end of the current "list of patterns".  They
>   are popped off when leaving the directory.

Are really necessary to have both --exclude-from=<file> and 
--exclude-per-directory=<name> ?

Peraphs, if the file name of excluded list is the same for each directory, 
e.g. .gitignore or something similar, instead of --exclude-per-directory
we can use a concept of file validity 'scope' and just use 
If entering in a directory <file> is found its contents are appended and 
removed when leaving directory. A bad analogy can be with the use of 
recursive Makefile.

>A pattern specified on the command line with --exclude or read
>from the file specified with --exclude-from is relative to the
>top of the directory tree.  A pattern read from a file specified
>by --exclude-per-directory is relative to the directory that the
>pattern file appears in.

If we use the 'scope' logic we can just prepend path when adding entries
and serach with with FNM_PATHNAME flag.

> - if it does not contain a slash '/', it is a shell glob
>   pattern and used to match against the filename without
>   leading directories (i.e. the same way as the current
>   implementation).
> - otherwise, it is a shell glob pattern, suitable for
>   consumption by fnmatch(3) with FNM_PATHNAME flag.  I.e. a
>   slash in the pattern must match a slash in the pathname.
>   "Documentation/*.html" matches "Documentation/git.html" but
>   not "ppc/ppc.html".  As a natural exception, "/*.c" matches
>   "cat-file.c" but not "mozilla-sha1/sha1.c".

Same comment as above, if prepending path when adding per 
directory contents we can simplify to always use FNM_PATHNAME flag.

We don't have even to special case base directory global
scope <file> if we use realtive paths so that we prepend its contents 
with ./ and we have what we expect.

I am sorry to not be able to send a patch, better explaining what 
proposed but I am just leaving today and I will be off line
for a couple of weeks.


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