Marco Costalba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This cumulative effect brakes local scoping of .gitignore files in 
> corresponding subdirectory.
> As example in a directory A we can have a .gitignore file with
> !foo.html
> *.html
> because we want to special case 'that' foo.html in 'that'
> directory.

I guess that !foo.html I wrote was a bad example of special case
not being specific enough.  Saying "!/foo.html" should work
[*1*], so I think "cumulative effect _breaks_" is a bit too strong
a word.

Having said that,...

> This can be powerful and flexible but also prone to errors. 

While I also suspect it _might_ be prone to user errors, at
least to some classes of users, Catalin (and Peter as well I
suspect, although I may be mistaken by what he originally meant
by "cumulative") seems to think it is OK.  As a developer of
another Porcelain (qgit), your input is as valuable as others,

BTW, I am CC'ing git list because I saw you forwarded your
entire message to the list as a quoted message form.  Please do
not do that.  I cannot distinguish a message like that with a
message with nothing but quote and no original contents, which I
normally discard without even reading.


*1* I just tried, and it seems to work.

  $ rm -f .gitignore ppc/.gitignore
  $ (echo '!/'; echo '*.bar') >.gitignore
  $ for i in; do date >$i; date >ppc/$i; done
  $ git-ls-files --others --exclude-per-directory=.gitignore | grep '\.bar'
  $ rm -f .gitignore ppc/.gitignore

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