Marco Costalba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Are really necessary to have both --exclude-from=<file> and 
> --exclude-per-directory=<name> ?
> Peraphs, if the file name of excluded list is the same for each directory, 
> e.g. .gitignore or something similar, instead of --exclude-per-directory
> we can use a concept of file validity 'scope' and just use 
> --exclude-from=<file>.
> If entering in a directory <file> is found its contents are appended and 
> removed when leaving directory. A bad analogy can be with the use of 
> recursive Makefile.

Pasky wants to have one of the files in ~/.git-something if I
understand correctly.  I did not want to remove --exclude-from
for that reason.

> If we use the 'scope' logic we can just prepend path when
> adding entries and serach with with FNM_PATHNAME flag.

And I wanted for people's script and existing ignore files to
continue to work.

> Same comment as above, if prepending path when adding per 
> directory contents we can simplify to always use FNM_PATHNAME flag.

Yes, but that means you need to always prepend the current
directory being looked at to get the original behaviour.  The
way it was originally done without FNM_PATHNAME was far easier
to read, at least for me.

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