Hi, A Large Angry SCM wrote:

> So you're arguing for "last match wins" versus "first match wins". I, 
> personally, find the former more natural and easier to debug by hand.

You know, up until five minutes ago, I thought so too.

However ... as a human being, I liik for meaning, not for processing
instructions. Thus, reading the list top-down, this

>       *.html
>       !f*.html
>       fo*.html

makes perfect sense to me. ("Throw away the HTML files. Well, except for
those that start with 'f'. Well, *except* for foobar.html or whatever.")

The other way round, however, the sequence
>       fo*.html
>       !f*.html
>       *.html

is not immediately understandable in one pass, as the second line makes no
sense whatsoever without the third one. ("Throw away foobar.html. Umm,
we're keeping everything anyway, so why ... oh, HTML files are junked, OK,
so ... now ... umm, what did I want to find out in the first place?")

It gets even more confusing when you're lazy and omit the .html suffix in
the second line.

YMMV, and all that.
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