Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here is my understanding of various "temporary heads" left
> directly underneath $GIT_DIR:
>     HEAD      : updated only after successful auto merge.
>     ORIG_HEAD : records the head value before resolve started.
>                 if automerge fails, this is the same as HEAD,
>                 but after successful automerge, this can be used
>                 to see what the previous head was.  This is the
>                 first parent of the resulting commit.
>     MERGE_HEAD: present if auto merge is unsuccessful and
>               records the other head being merged.
>     LAST_MERGE: present if merge is unsuccessful or impossible and
>               records the other head being merged.

Is FETCH_HEAD going to be preserved by the git-fetch-script operation?
It should be, unless, git-pull-script removes it or it is changed to
do the fetch as well.

In a repository managed with StGIT (i.e. updated with 'stg pull'), the
base of the stack is always the same with FETCH_HEAD and StGIT uses
this file. I also find it quite useful for:


to only see the remote commits since the local StGIT patches are
always seen as commits on top of the FETCH_HEAD. It's also useful for
people using 'git rebase'.


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