Catalin Marinas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> OK, I wasn't that clear. Currently git-fetch-script stores the fetched
> head in the FETCH_HEAD file and git-pull-script uses this file to do
> the merging (by passing its content to git-resolve-script).

Correct.  I was not planning to change that arrangement.

> Anyway, I
> can easily change StGIT to only use git-pull-script directly, without
> the intermediate fetch.

If you are happy then I should not complain ;-), and I am
certainly not complaining, but I still have this feeling that I
do not get what you are getting at.  You can change it to
directly use pull without intermediate fetch, in order to cope
with what?  Could you explain how you currently do things, and
what changes I will be making would break the way you currently
do things please?  I need to know which detail of the current
implementation behaviour people rely on to avoid breaking

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