Catalin Marinas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


Yeah, Linus immediately corrected me when I said ORIG_HEAD
seemed useless.

> Is FETCH_HEAD going to be preserved by the git-fetch-script operation?
> It should be, unless, git-pull-script removes it or it is changed to
> do the fetch as well.

I am not quite sure what is being asked (especially "operation";
I take it you meant "surgery" or "butchering"), so my answer may
be missing the point.

I would like to update fetch to deal with multiple references,
and if the user tells it to fetch N references, the FETCH_HEAD
file would contain N lines, one line for each SHA1 object name.
Initially I will not allow pull to take more than one reference
because I will need to make resolve capable of resolving more
than two parents (i.e. octopus merge) before that happens.  But
once that is done, then pull will accept N references and call
fetch with these N references, then fetch leaves N lines in
FETCH_HEAD, and those N SHA1 object names along with the current
head would be given to resolve to create an (N+1)-head king
ghidorah.  I do not know how well this would go, but at least
that is the current plan.

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