Hello, Wolfgang!

But the resulting RPM cannot be installed either,  at  least  not  in
standard Fedora Core 2/3/4 installations:

error: Failed dependencies:
        perl(Email::Valid) is needed by git-core-0.99.3-1
        perl(Mail::Sendmail) is needed by git-core-0.99.3-1

Seems git is depending on more and more stuff which is not  available
in standard distros. This makes it not easier for new users...

Is there at least some  documentation  which  external  packages  are
needed, and where to find these?

Over here - using a non-standard ELDK/LFS mixture, git depends at least on:
zlib ()
libcurl (http://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.14.0.tar.bz2)
openssl ()
diff ()
diffstat (ftp://invisible-island.net/diffstat/diffstat-1.39.tgz)
which (http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/which/which-2.16.tar.gz)
rsync (http://samba.anu.edu.au/ftp/rsync/rsync-2.6.5.tar.gz)
perl ()

() -> ask Google.
The versions given in brackets seem to work fine for me. - YMMV


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